• James LIoness posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    How to hide your sex toys from others while still being easy-to-find for you

    Are you starting to accumulate a sex toy collection and don’t know where to put them all when you’re not using them? Or are you trying to deliberately keep them away from the prying eyes of relatives, roommates, kids, or pets? Or are some of them fancy like the Lioness Smart Vibrator and you don’t want folks messing around with your best vibes? We have a few tips for keeping your sex toys organized and hidden/hard-to-find, yet easily accessible for you.

    I’ve grouped these recommendations based on how many products you’re looking to store. Some of these storage options are more hidden than others, and some have other perks like charging, sanitization, and/or locks (an all-encompassing sex toy storage box! huzzah!)