• James LIoness posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    What is the G-Spot?—Actual Science & Practical Tips

    After my unexpectedly popular article on if vibrators make it harder to orgasm during sex, I figure I should continue to address other popular questions I’ve encountered in the course of my role at Lioness and the research I’ve come across on them.

    Today, I’m going to address a more fraught topic: “What is the g-spot?”

    It has so many names—Gräfenberg spot, G-area, female prostate, black pearl, (other) pleasure button… but we don’t have that much concrete information about it. Is the g-spot real? Where is it? How do I find my g-spot? How do you best stimulate it? What are g-spot orgasms?

    As one study on the topic mentioned, it’s rather surprising that we still have an area of such major uncertainty about basic human anatomy.